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Fruit Cove - St. Johns County Current Weather Conditions 
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Conditions at
6:39am on 3/24/19



Dew Point 47.2°F
Humidity 94%
Barometer 30.21in
Rate 0.006in/hr
Wind Direction E
Heat Index 55.0°F
Rainfall for Today 0.00in
Total Rainfall 6.08in
Today's Extremes
High Temperature 51.8°F at 3:07am
Low Temperature 48.8°F at 6:38am
High Heat Index 57.9°F at 3:07am
Peak Wind Gust 1mph at 1:26am
Astronomical Data
Sunrise 7:23am
Sunset 7:38pm
Moonrise 11:46pm
Moonset 10:05am


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