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...Welcome to KFLFRUIT7 in Fruit Cove, Florida...

Our Personal Weather Station has been bringing you weather reporting

from Fruit Cove, Florida since June 25, 2011.

KFLFRUIT7 now provides Real Time Weather reporting from its location

without the need or dependency of the Weather Underground.

This has been accomplished by utilizing the Weather Flash feature available in the

Virtual Weather Station (VWS) software which interfaces with our Personal Weather Stations,

giving us the ability to do Rapid Refresh Updates (RRU) in real time.

KFLFRUIT7 also provides a Live Streaming Video feed using a Windows Media Player based API.

KFLFRUIT7 is a member of the Citizen Weather Observer Program (CWOP). Our call sign is DW8234.

You can also visit our Central Florida affiliate, KFLSEBAS1, listed in the link below, which

has been operational since September 3, 2001 in Sebastian, Florida.

Please check back often for updates and additions over the weeks and months to come.

Thanks to all of you that use KFLFRUIT7 as your local Fruit Cove Weather Source.


Local Weather Conditions live from KFLFRUIT7 in Fruit Cove, Florida

Rapid Fire Updates without relying on the Weather Underground!
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Executive Cove

Fruit Cove, Florida

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Hurricane Season extends from June 1st until November 30th each year...Are you prepared? If not, now is the time! Colorado State University Forecasters issue several Extended Range Atlantic Basin Seasonal Hurricane Forecasts each year prior to and during the current Atlantic Hurricane Season. They also issue a two week forecast beginning in early August and continue to do so through mid-October during the current Atlantic Hurricane Season. For all the latest forecast information Please visit http://tropical.colostate.edu/ for the official forecast with all the details for the upcoming Atlantic Hurricane Season.

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KFLFRUIT7 - DW8234     Fruit Cove, FL Weather

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